Monthly Archives: September 2012

Teddy bear reaches 140,180 feet!

What a great story for a young audience!  (Covered in The Argos 2nd September and Mid Sussex Leader 6th September).  Peter Brown and two friends enabled a little Steiff teddy bear to reach 140, 180 feet using a homemade balloon. Worth checking this one out for an assembly or lesson; all sorts of applications/links.  I would include a photo but no doubt there are associated copyright issues.


London 2012 – inspiring a generation

The Olympics and Paralympics were so inspiring!  Talking to children and adults, everyone has enjoyed them (although no doubt sadly some have not!).

Following on from the Games I have three key hopes for our children, that they will:

  1.  have an increased understanding of what it is to truly commit to something and to persevere beyond challenges, to be the very best they can be in any given situation
  2. focus on what people can do rather than disability
  3. remember the atmosphere during this summer, the hope, excitement, passion and pride people had and that this would energize them to have an inclusive and positive approach to life in the future

At school level we are reflecting on how we wish PE/sport to move forward and potential opportunities for our students to join in activities with local special schools.