What are these Heads up to?

Was it a team building activity for Heads after an IAPS District Meeting?!  I was struggling to get my ‘phone out to capture the moment before it was over, but perhaps the lack of clarity in the photograph adds to the intrigue?!

An object started to appear out of the gloom and as we got closer you could make out a car with a figure standing by it on a mobile ‘phone.  Nothing unusual except we were walking along a wide path with a steep set of steps.  Somehow the driver had not only driven down the path, but had missed the steps and the car was now rather precariously sitting at the top with the front of the car already several steps down!  How had they managed not to see the steps?!

With rousing rallying words from a certain Mr J., “Come on we can do this!” (or similar) about 8 Heads gathered around the car and offered to lift it off the steps.  It nearly got even more ‘interesting’ when the driver turned the engine on rather than putting it into neutral as had been requested.  With clear encouragement neutral was achieved and the car was quickly back on the level!   With a degree of disbelief and amusement as to how someone had managed to get into this position we headed off to dinner.


2 thoughts on “What are these Heads up to?

  1. neiljones

    The words ‘folklore’ and ‘goes down in’ come to mind.

    Nicely put. I do remember that moment when the engine was switched on…it may cause some sleeplessness in days to come!


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