Considering Headship, part 1

Some initial points . . . .

1. find someone you trust and respect to mentor you

2.  decide what you are going to do in preparation for headship – courses and qualifications.  Discuss with your current Head projects/initiatives to demonstrate and develop your understanding and knowledge, skills and experience

3. be reflective and aspire to be the best Head you can be

3. be clear the type of school you wish to work in

4. take on board that whilst you may be up for headship and potentially very able, future employers will be looking for experience and what you have done in preparation for headship

5. it’s good to be motivated and know where you are heading, but you must be a ‘team player’.  Contribute, and listen to different people’s viewpoints, perspectives and ideas.  Do not seek to drive through your own agenda in isolation of the views of others

6. consider your priorities and timescales . . . .

Part 2 to follow . . . .


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