Heads leave the UK for posts overseas

Today the ISC has reported, “Head quits Britain over ‘hostile climate toward private schools.”

Throughout my career there has been a significant ‘voice’ that has been anti the independent sector. Interestingly, a number of years ago when I went for a post at an independent school I discovered that a number of the local critics at ‘the chalk face’ had also applied for the post . .

It is easy to criticise, but without facts that stand up under scrutiny, the validity is negated. A good school whether in the state or independent sector is to be valued, appreciated and highlighted as a model of excellence to other schools, to raise standards.

Heads with continue to leave the UK, not just from the independent sector, but also from the state sector. For some it is a journey they must take to widen their horizons, to keep their educational passion alive and to continue to spark their creativity in leadership. For others, their departure is an avoidable loss to our young people. That is the challenge for all who care about education, to retain the best heads whether in the state or independent sector by addressing any lack of support or funding that causes them to seek an alternative direction.


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