Monthly Archives: April 2013

Twitter and blog posts are like benefiting from daily multivitamins

A daily intake via Twitter and blog sites is, I believe, incredibly valuable – like an intake of multivitamins not just for the individual, but also for the learning community in which the individual teaches and helps to lead. It facilitates healthy discussion, dialogue and the sharing of ideas, which can lead to reflection, review, potential change/improvements and/or new developments.

Twitter content is current, in a way magazines cannot compete with
News, thoughts and ideas are so current via Twitter that articles that arrive via magazines can seem out of date by the time they reach my desk. Over the last year and a half I have been monitoring this and have taken the step of cancelling all my magazine subscriptions. It is not that I do not value the content of the magazines, but rather that we have heard the majority, if not all key themes and discussion points already via Twitter and links to associated blogs sites before the magazines arrive. The paper options just cannot deliver in the same timescales and as a school we have often moved on in our reflection, review and developments (when necessary) by the time the magazine is delivered.

The global context of Twitter and blog sites is key
It is invaluable to be able to share ideas and experiences with others in the UK, in different countries and continents. It is one of the aspects I value most, hearing what others think and what is emerging and new worldwide and entering into active dialogue with others regarding developments.

It cannot be over stated, Twitter is the best source of CPD available
News, research, development articles, links to live seminars and conference notes, recommendations re. Apps and VLEs, advice and support for colleagues, TeachMeets, KidMeets, Digital Leaders etc – it is all available via Twitter. It is a phenomenal and significant opportunity to engage and interact with other globally. It is something we all need to continue to promote.