There have been a number of very well thought out and constructive posts on CPD today, shared via Twitter e.g @joe__Kirby ‏pragmaticreform.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/cpd/ , @MrNickHart thisismyclassroom.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/improving-teacher-quality-with-vision-must-come-action/ … , @tomboulter Practice Perfect for Teachers – deliberate practice as CPD: http://thinkingonlearning.blogspot.com/2013/06/practice-perfect-for-teachers.html

The posts highlight different approaches and what professionals feel are key areas to include in CPD. Posts have referenced research, which adds to the validity of the observations. Plus they have highlighted the importance of feedback from staff in relation to CPD, which is importance to inform future decisions.

My viewpoint is that CPD needs to have two intertwined strands. The first strand covers the needs of the school – statutory/legal requirements and key/central initiatives and priorities of the whole school, departments, year groups, Houses/pastoral system, at any given time. The second strand is the unique professional development of the individual member of staff which will relate directly to their experience, their needs (relating to personal strengths and areas for development) and their career aspirations.

The challenge for schools is how they facilitate both strands to enable a positive, cohesive, holistic and meaningful outcome for all! The needs of an NQT for example will be very different to those of an aspiring middle leader or a colleague seeking Headship.

CPD must relate to teaching and learning/what happens in the learning environment. What is shared needs to cover national and international/global ideas, initiatives and developments if it is to have true/holistic value. However, CPD also needs to embrace pastoral areas, staff team building opportunities and e.g. the work-life balance of staff.

Other factors to consider in relation to CPD will be the costs involved and time (e.g. INSET days, cover for staff during the working day, twilight sessions and weekend training/conferences). Different schools will have different priorities and viewpoints on what is beneficial and reasonable to facilitate for their staff. In the current climate, some schools may be cutting back on CPD, although research would indicate that this is ill-advised as the CPD of staff is central to school improvement.

I think it is positive if staff are invited and encouraged to make suggestions regarding potential CPD sessions/input. Equally we all need to embrace the school agenda. I concur feedback from staff is vital; through reflection we can improve and refine what is delivered and how it is facilitated.

Increasing I wonder how much CPD will be facilitated in face to face training sessions and how much will be via web seminars, YouTube videos and blog posts etc. The shape and feel of learning and CPD is changing.


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