Unconferences – #SLTcamp

Unconferences – why I am looking forward to #SLTcamp
The positive impact of unconferences e.g. Teach/KidsMeets and Edu/SLTcamps, cannot be underestimated both in terms of moving teaching and learning forward and promoting best practice in schools.

I love the selfless heart at the core of such events (if run true to the concept) of putting on an event, not seeking to make a profit but purely to make a difference – to share, collaborate and energise those who attend.

In my experience such events tend to attract passionate professionals, generous givers and non-judgemental forward thinking individuals; people who are keen to network, to share, to reflect and grow.

The inclusiveness in the room is tangible; you will know what I mean if you have attended an event, it cuts across all sectors and phases of education so that everyone feels equally valued. I love the fact that people of all ages and levels of experience are encouraged to contribute.

The status quo is challenged; the air is full of … ‘what about, this worked well for us, has anyone tried/found a way to, what if, maybe’ … rather than ‘this is how we do things and we are not about to change anytime soon’. People are not precious about their initiatives or ideas but are happy to share and help encourage others.

By cascading ideas back at school and via blog posts, viewed globally, unconferences send out ripples of change to a far wider audience than just those who attended the event.

It is for these reasons that I am already looking forward to #SLTcamp in November, a weekend of ‘participant-driven and participant lead CPD, aimed specifically at SLT and aspiring SLT. The focus of the weekend will be sharing the challenges and experiences of being a member of SLT and working together towards finding new and exciting ways forward. We hope to ignite change and spark inspiration over the course of the weekend.’ The aim of the weekend and the energy behind it from @MrLockyer and @MsFindlater is indeed inspiring and motivating before we have begun!

I am very keen to hear and reflect on the ideas and thoughts of aspiring and current SLT members, to contribute and to challenge some of my viewpoints and priorities. It is really positive that this weekend will give quality time, in an enjoyable environment, through discussion and workshops to consider ‘being the best we can be’ and ‘what next’ for our schools.

SLTcamp can be found on Twitter as @SLTCamp #SLTcamp and at the following website: sites.google.com/site/sltcampuk/ It will be exciting to see how this unfolds and develops!


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