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IAPS Heads’ Conference 2013 – Day 2

Reflections from today, what stood out for me:
Brian Ashton – Performing at the highest level when it counts
. our mindset is all important, whether pupils, teachers or senior leaders
. set timescales for dreams (vision/mission)
. if you don’t take risks you won’t be anywhere in life
. be a 360 degree person – see things from all sides/all stakeholders
. be a pioneer rather than someone who rules
. be prepared to be controversial
. it’s fine to fail, but fail fast, get back up and learn from your failures quickly
. create family/school community
. ask your staff 5 key things that would make school better
. be prepared to ‘defy the impossible and shock the world’, Muhammad Ali
. never settle for the status quo

Excellent seminar covering on-line safety from Karl Hopwood. Too much to share! . . .
Key message – focus on behaviours not technology, as technology will keep changing.

The business connection – Lara Morgan
I agreed with her points that we need to be:
. ‘Out the box – original’
. connecting in real life learning
. ensuring schools are the best places they can be
Lara reminded us of the importance of:
. having the right people in the right roles
. rewarding staff – with things they like, rather than what we think they like/should like
. seeking staff’s views and feedback, e.g. ‘what do you think we waste money on’/’what could we save money on?’
‘Do not stand still, have the desire for new ideas’

View from the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London


IAPS Heads’ Conference 2013 – Day 1

What has stood out for me today is that we need to ensure that our young people:
. Adopt active lifestyles as young as possible; national obesity figures give great cause for concern. Let children experience a wide range of sports so they can find 1 or more that they are keen/happy to participate in regularly and on-going
. Have genuine, unshakable ‘self belief’ – ‘I can do it’ – otherwise a lack of confidence will limit their potential, academically, socially and in sport and music etc
Sally Gunnell – fitness for children through sport

. Keep to identified/maximum times set by parents when playing computer games and using social media – otherwise their social skills and ability to empathise with be negatively impacted in a very significant way; supported by medical research
Aric Sigman – Parenting and the 21st century child

More general reflections:
. I appreciate the diversity within IAPS
. I am reminded what an amazingly beautiful/historic capital city we have!