Leadership . . .

This week we facilitated the penultimate session in our in-house leadership training programme. A course that came about in response to significant demand– i.e. 12 colleagues keen to progress to Deputy Head and Headship.

The session addressed being ready for interview and built on from the previous half-termly sessions that have been held over the last year. In the session we explored what was important to know, understand and have in place beforehand as well as the interview experience.

Seeking to embrace multi-media input we then shared 3 videos, initially screened at #SLTcamp and with on-going relevance for those seeking to progress in leadership in schools. After each video course participants were asked what they got from the video (all very different and inspiring in their own ways). Then the challenge was issued; choose a piece of music and apply your own response – words/images/singing (video or e.g. audio boo) – your views on leadership . . . We look forward to staff responses!

Here are the 3 videos we shared and your chance to see what you gain from each of them, enjoy! . . . Sincere thanks to all . . .

1. From @jillberry102

2. From @TeacherToolkit

3. From @RachelOrr


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